Projects with SCAIS tool


Severe Accident Research Network (SARNET) is the network for the study of severe accident phenomenology. This network was born in 2004 in the Euratom framework program, and continues today even with more force after Fukushima accident that highlighted the need for further study of severe accident.


Safety Margin Assessment and Applications. Project led by the Nuclear Energy Agency in the framework of the Safety Margin Action Plan (SMAP). The project developed new methodologies to evaluate a Power increase in NPP’s.

Uncertainty Analysis

This project was co-financed by CDTI and its goal was to add the parametrical uncertainty to SCAIS. The work last two years and at the end DAKOTA was coupled to SCAIS, as well as R libraries to analyze the results.


Integrated Deterministic-Probabilistic  Safety Assessment. The growing interest in the integrated methods to Safety Assessment was the seed to the birth of IDPSA group witth the goal of develop a common methodology integrating both techniques.


A methodological approach to identify low probability paths with severe consequences applied to the management of Asset Liability Management ALM.


Projects with SCAIS tool

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