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To modernize, unify and continue the development of ISA software, in 2004 our group started the project called SCAIS. Four years after our incorporation ito the developments SCAIS, held our first application to test a fault tree MBLOCA, and since then, many of the power plant accidents have been analyzed with SCAIS and presented at international meetings . In 2008, began the Safety Margin Assessment and Applications SM2A project and SCAIS continued its development to add the "Theory of Stimulated Dynamics" TSD [​​Izquierdo, 2008], which provides SCAIS the ability to calculate the frequency of exceedance of a damage domain calculated and the necessary modifications stochastic to add to stimuli inherent in many of the headers studied in Event Tree Delineation ET.


The PSA is a widespread technique used for the design and operation phases of a nuclear plant, to identify and analyze every situation and the sequence of events that could cause serious damage to the core.


A realistic Dynamic Event Tree (DET) should be able to use a large set of data produced by the PSA industry in order to obtain the damage probability and frequency of a sequence and to reduce the number of simulation branches.


The SIMulator of PROCedures was designed to analyze Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs) and  Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs). Was founded by the Ministry of Industry of Spain.

Coupling Codes-Wrappers

Manage different simulation codes that allow communication between them  in a central process leads to simplify the necessary methodology, helps the error management and improves the transient analysis performance.

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