Integrated Deterministic-Probabilistic  Safety Assessment.

The group that makes up the IDPSA network was born from a meeting in Spoo in which SM2A participants and other groups using methodologies integrating probabilistic and deterministic studies involved actively and decided to form this group and begin the development of a plan project to be submitted to the 7th Framework Programme.

The project includes the study of four very different scenarios through technical IDPSA.

The scenarios are:

  • Station Black Out (SBO)
  • PWR LOCA   with operator actions
  • Hydrogen production, leading to overpressurization of the containment
  • Dynamic reliability of control systems.

A group participation with UPM and CSN is proposed to work in the first three scenarios, since in all of them has already been applied ISA.

The third scenario would be coordinated by NFQ Solutions.

Currently the proposal is in advanced stage of review and will be sent back to the commission of the Horizon 2020 to see if funding is obtained for the project and test it again with the components SCAIS for debugging. If the project is on, one of the first tasks will be coupling MELCOR to SCAIS as it is the code used by most groups given easy access through the CAMP agreement work in Severe Accident Scenarios.